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weeknight dinner, made easy.

Monthly recipes and meal plans that are quick, simple and loved by everyone at the table. Shared meals that create family connection.

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I get it, getting dinner on the table is HARD.

Like you, I am frustrated by the stress that surrounds regularly feeding my family. But I’ve spent years developing a brand rooted in the essentials in the kitchen. From hosting multiple cooking shows on Food Network and Cooking Channel to best selling cookbooks and kitchen products, I’ve spent my entire career coming up with solutions to help the home cook…and I’m ready to help you too.

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Recipe Club is a curated recipe resource based on the weeknight recipes our members want and need.

Vote for Recipes

Each month you’ll vote on the recipes that sound best, and that’s what I develop and deliver.

5 NEW Monthly Recipes + Meal Plans

Quick and simple monthly recipes that make up weekly and monthly meal plans.

Simple System with One-Click Shopping

Real life recipes with suggested swaps, how-to videos, and one–click grocery shopping lists.

What Club Members Are Saying

What makes Recipe Club recipes different?

Recipes formatted for easy access without banner ads, blog posts, or drawn-out stories.

Kitchen Confidence

If you feel like you never know how to solve the “what’s for dinner” question, let me help with Recipe Club. This simple plan is just enough direction without too many decisions to make.

Save Time & Money

Never waste another hour scrolling Pinterest looking for something to make for dinner. Use my family tested recipes that are designed to be quick, simple, and affordable. ($3 – $8 per serving)

Shared Family Meals

Build or maintain a regular tradition of coming to the table to feel connected with your family. Recipe Club is more than just recipes, it’s a simple system that makes this doable.

Real Life Recipes that WORK

Family-friendly meals in as few steps, ingredients, and dirty dishes as possible.

One-Click Grocery Shopping Lists

A simple system that eliminates dinnertime decision fatigue.

As an overwhelmed mom myself, I know that you want to be the kind of person that regularly puts dinner on the table for your family. In order to do this, you need a simple system or plan. The problem is that the daily task of feeding yourself and your family feels neverending, which makes you feel defeated.

I believe that weeknight dinner creates a daily opportunity for family connection. But like you, I am frustrated by the stress that surrounds regularly feeding my family, which is why I’ve spent my entire career in food and television coming up with real life solutions for the home cook.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Sign up for Recipe Club and VOTE on the recipes that will work for you.
  2. Receive 5 monthly club recipes offering just enough recipe inspiration, without overwhelming you with decision fatigue.
  3. Cook your club recipes leaning on the step-by-step videos and ingredient swap suggestions to make the recipes a perfect fit for your household.

So, join Recipe Club! And in the meantime, sign up to receive my Meal Planning, Made Simple free guide, so you can stop feeling guilty about dinner and start feeling confident.

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Make cooking fun again

I am in love with Recipe Club!! I tell everyone I know about it!! Actually I am obsessed ? It’s made cooking feel fun again after I had started to dread it every night. Thank you Kelsey!

Rachelle M.

Fewer decisions to make

I don’t mind cooking – I actually love to cook. I just HATE deciding what to make. Finally, something is helping to solve this problem. Recipe Club makes deciding what to make for dinner SO much easier.

Janelle L.

Great as a gift

I gave Recipe Club to my mom and sisters last year and we all cook the recipes together each month!! I knew I’d like the recipes but what I really love is connecting with everyone.

Melissa B.

Easy Recipes + Manageable Meal Plans with One-Click Grocery Shopping Lists

(For as low as $4.99 per month!)

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+ How will I access the recipes?

Recipes will be indexed on an exclusive easy-to-access club website where you can view, print, and watch the monthly recipes. While you’ll receive 5 NEW recipes each month, all of the recipes will be searchable within the site library and categorized for easy meal planning.

+ What if I don’t like the recipes?

You can cancel your membership at any time without having to contact us through email. Simply cancel your membership from the FAQ tab in the site and we will make sure not to bill you for the next payment cycle. You can also start back up whenever you’d like.

+ How do I purchase this as a gift?

Simply head to our gift checkout page where we’ll provide a printable gift certificate and detailed instructions for the recipient to register their account.

+ Will the recipes work for me? Do you offer substitutions?

Servings are for 4-6 for each recipe and include suggested swaps for proteins, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other ingredients. If you have additional questions about swaps, you can use the help desk or the ASK KELSEY feature to reach me directly.

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